Born in Rouen (Normandy, France) in 1986, Yann Dulché was an autodidact pianist and only started Music school at 16. With the help of pianist composer David Dauthieux, he learnt everything he had to learn to enter University of Musicology and Conservatoire where he studied piano and composition, while writing narrative Music for short movies and theater. Very fond of "French Touch" electronic Music (Daft Punk, Air, St Germain etc), he experimented the production of Music mixing acoustic piano with electronic beats & textures and started DJing in diverse local clubs, before traveling as a DJ in France and around the world. He moved to London in 2010 and set up his own label THRILLS & BEATS to publish & release his works as well as friends’. He (co)produced, remixed and got remixed by globally renown artists and got productions released or licensed by globally renown labels. In summer 2017, he moved back to France, near Paris, where he developed a new live show concept mixing electro & piano (check out his 1st spectacular performance on the 50 meters-high “Gros-Horloge” in Normandy for POZ MUSIC) while starting a new series of collaborations with “talents of tomorrow” (check out the 1st release DILEMMA in collaboration with Saudi female DJ Cosmicat and New York DJ Baltra). He recently remixed Pyramid, regularly plays piano for singer AnyRiad and eventually DJs along side “French Touch” artists such as DJ Falcon, Demon or Breakbot. He is now part of the renowned DAZEL AGENCY.